The idea behind this collection of workouts is to maximize your schedule! They all are based on HIIT style intervals where you have 2 minutes of medium exertion exercises, 1 minute of high exertion exercise, and then 30 seconds of a strength building exercise. Whether you’re seriously on the run and only have 10 minutes or want to combine any of these for a longer, custom workout, you can make this plan work for your goals!

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Anonymous asked:

will you post step by step on how to do your hair like you did for those photos?

cokeproblem answered:

well hair & texture is very important when doing this. My hair is thick and very fine. Based on thickenss of your hair and texture of your hair, the curls will turn out differently. For how to curl your hair with a straightening iron please look here

  1. Wash your hair like 5 hours in advance. Blowdry the roots to your liking. air dry the rest of your hair.
  2. 5 hours after your hair has been washed, find your handy straightening iron, heat protectant, a wide tooth comb, and hairspray and 2 hair ties
  3. divide your hair into two parts. upper and bottom. the bottom should be a LOT less thick than the top part. for the upper portion, put it up into a bun and for the bottom portion, move it to either shoulder.
  4. spray with heat protectant and let it dry a little
  5. curl your hair with the straightening iron. the smaller width the piece you curl, the tighter the curl will be. 
  6. once you finish curling one side, take your hairspray, spray the wide tooth comb, brush through the curls.
  7. repeat steps 4-6 for the other side of your hair
  8. hold the hair together with a pony tail and let the bun down. divide it between the shoulders and divide it into two parts, allow the bottom portion to be thicker than it was for step 3. put the upper portion up again
  9. repeat steps 4-8 for the hair until you have no more hair left in the upper portion

hope that helped